FAQ – The Commonwealth’s Proposal for the Redevelopment of Shattuck Hospital

  1. Who decided to demolish the Shattuck Hospital Building and why?

In early 2020, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts announced plans to demolish the Shattuck Hospital building. The hospital, which offers critically needed services, was deemed too expensive to renovate and was slated for demolition by The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS).

  1. Why are the Emerald Necklace Conservancy and other parks groups getting involved?

The 13-acre parcel on which the Shattuck Hospital sits was known as ‘Heathfield’ in Frederick Law Olmsted’s plan for Franklin Park. In 1949, the land was given to the Commonwealth for the purpose of building a hospital for people with chronic diseases.

  1. What services does the Shattuck Hospital currently provide?

The Shattuck Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient medical care to members of the public and inmates from both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Suffolk County.

  1. After demolition, what happens to the people currently receiving care at the Shattuck Hospital?

When the Shattuck Hospital is demolished (planned for 2024 or later) the EOHHS plans to relocate most services to the Newton Pavilion at Boston Medical Center in the South End.

  1. Were community members engaged in the public process for the Commonwealths decision?

While EOHHS did hold a public process, it was neither comprehensive nor robust. Even though Shattuck Hospital is located in a Mattapan zoning district, Mattapan residents have not been engaged in the planning process; not a single Mattapan group was included on the Community Advisory Board.

  1. What are community members’ key concerns with the State’s proposal for the reuse of the Shattuck Hospital property?

The proposed Shattuck site is not an ideal location for supportive services:

  • It is an isolated site without access to reliable public transportation.
  • The site lacks all neighborhood amenities such as grocery stores, schools, houses of worship, places of employment.
  • The Commonwealth’s current proposal requests a minimum of 75-100 units for the formerly homeless but does not include any provisions for critical “wrap-around” supportive services.
  • The Commonwealth’s proposal provides no State funding for the redevelopment of the site. The proposal offers a private sector developer a 99-year lease of publicly owned land to build housing and services solely at the provider’s cost.
  • The Commonwealth’s current proposal is contingent on the approval of over 30 legal waivers, which could jeopardize the plan coming to fruition, and circumvent State laws requiring a public process when disposing of public land.
  • The current plan is slated for construction in 2025 or later. This timeline does not address the current critical and urgent need for supportive services throughout the Commonwealth.
  1. Has the Commonwealth considered alternative options?

Despite several nearby, vacant Commonwealth-owned properties, EOHSS has not performed either an Alternative Analysis or a Feasibility Analysis as a part of their planning process.

  1. Where are we in the process?

DCAMM held a virtual public hearing on Tuesday, April 13, to present the draft Project Proposal and provide an opportunity for the public to provide comments. Approximately half of the speakers at the hearing stated that the Arborway Yards site would be a preferable location for the needed services. At the hearing, two former governors, Governor Bill Weld and Governor Michael Dukakis, both spoke in favor of the Arborway Yard site and insisted that the Commonwealth can and should take action.

Now, without preforming a Feasibility Analysis or Alternative Analysis, or further engaging residents of Mattapan (where the Shattuck Campus is located), DCAMM will hold a Community Advisory Board (CAB) meeting on June 22nd, in which members of the CAB will preview a final RFP. A final vote by DCAMM’s Asset Management Board is planned for June 29 at 3PM. More information can be found here: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/shattuck-campus-redevelopment-at-morton-street-proposal

  1. How can I get involved/learn more?

Please contact your local City Councilor, State Representatives and State Senators and encourage them to ask DCAMM to postpone the vote for a final RFP until community members have been properly engaged, and until an Alternative Analysis and Feasibility Analysis have been performed.

Your local State Representative and Senator can be found here:  https://malegislature.gov/Search/FindMyLegislator

Your local City Councilor can be found here: https://www.boston.gov/departments/city-council/who-my-boston-city-councilor

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