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Justine Mee Liff Fund for the Emerald Necklace

The Liff Fund was established to honor the legacy of Boston’s former Parks Commissioner, Justine Mee Liff, who passed away in 2002. Her vision, leadership, and dedication have encouraged continual restoration and enhancement of the historic Olmsted-designed Emerald Necklace parks. Party in the Park reflects how Justine brought people together to support and restore the parks.

The Liff Fund supports the Emerald Necklace’s renewal initiatives including major capital improvements like buildings, pathways and footbridges as well as landscape restoration and other specialized activities such as planting trees, and installing lighting, signage and park furniture.

Joining with park advocates and the Conservancy’s public and private partners, the Liff Fund chooses projects in various areas of the Emerald Necklace to continue the careful park restoration and stewardship work begun by former Parks Commissioner, Justine Mee Liff. Since its inception, the Liff Fund has allocated more than $2.9 million undertaking the following projects.


Current Liff Fund Projects
  • Olmsted Tree Society, launched at the 10th Anniversary Luncheon in 2013, has raised over $2.3 million for the Conservancy’s Tree Management program, including: comprehensive tree inventory, database and georeferencing for heritage trees; and planting, pruning and tree care in the Emerald Necklace parks.
Completed Projects
  • 2018: The 15th Anniversary project was the installation of five water fountains/bottle fillers in Franklin Park to enhance the public’s enjoyment of walking trails, picnic grounds, and recreational facilities in Boston’s biggest park. A sixth water fountain was installed at the Shattuck Visitor Center in honor of Party in the Park founder Wendy Shattuck.
  • 2018: 1,000 additional trees were inventoried in Franklin and Charlesgate Parks. Adopted heritage trees were pruned along with the willow trees in the Back Bay Fens.
  • Restoration of the only existing fountain in the Olmsted-designed parks, the Kelleher Rose Garden Fountain in the Back Bay Fens, was completed in 2014. It has been returned to the original Shurcliff design, including the previously existing cherubs and planters
  • Gatehouse restoration and opening of the Emerald Necklace’s Shattuck Visitor Center and offices of the Emerald Necklace Conservancy
  • Renewal of the Jamaica Pond Boathouse
  • Perkins Street steps in Jamaica Pond
  • Historic wall along the Arborway
  • Mother’s Rest in Franklin Park

These projects are made possible by the support of all those who have contributed to the Justine Mee Liff Fund.

Party in the Park

May 11, 2022

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