Children’s Drawing Contest Submissions

We would like to give a very special thanks to everyone who submitted art to our first Children’s Drawing Contest! We received 27 submissions from kids aged 2-10, and each one of them displayed a love for parks and nature in our communities. Scroll through to see the work from each of our talented young artists!

Submissions marked with a “*” denotes a winning entry.

“Jamaica Pond – Morning, Early Afternoon, Late Afternoon, Sunset”
Weilyn, age 5

Sofia, age 6


“A Sunny Day at the Park”
Luke, age 6
“Parks are part of a Community”
Maren, age 9

“In The Spring”
Aubrie, age 9
“Lilac Sunday”
Ariana, age 6
“The Island in Jamaica Pond “
Kenzie, age 6
“Branching Tree”
“My Leaf”
Liam, age 7
“My Leaf”
Aaron, age 7


“I Like Rainbows”
Nya, age 6
“Sunset Tree”
John, age 10

“Winter Tree”
Esther, age 9


“Branching Leaf”
Owen, age 9
“Sunrise Tree”
Scarlet, age 10

Pippa, age 7


“The Bridge in the Fall”
Benjamin, age 7
“Leverett Pond Hibernating Animals”
Liana, age 6 1/2

“Pond Puddle Duck Trees”
Lexi, age 2
“Seasons of the Emerald Necklace”
Joy, age 9


“Landscapes of the Emerald Necklace”
Flora, age 7
“Morning Nature Painting”
Avery, age 6

“Reading by the River “
Hannah, age 7
“In A Rush”
Hannah, age 7


“Fall by the River “
Jack, age 4
“Trees by the Bridge “
Cyril, age 8

“Fall Colors”
Maria, age 4