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Back Bay Fens

Jog the track at Clemente Field • Visit the Kelleher Rose Garden • Shoot hoops on the basketball courts • Pick up a park map at the Shattuck Visitor Center • Discover a 17th century Japanese Temple Bell • Stroll the paths of the Victory Gardens • Power walk the Fens loop on your lunch break

Surrounded by some of Boston’s leading educational, cultural and medical institutions, the Back Bay Fens is an eclectic mix of formal and community gardens, ball fields, memorials and historic structures. With places for passive recreation and active pursuits, the park offers a range of experiences such as gardening and sports and is a popular spot for birders.

Starting in 1878, Olmsted’s challenge in the Back Bay was to restore a stagnant saltwater marsh that flooded and threatened public health. Combining landscape architecture with sanitary engineering, Olmsted’s efforts transformed a foul-smelling tidal creek and swamp into a scenic pool within wooded banks; gaining interest from the meandering course of the water. Olmsted renamed the area the Back Bay Fens.

In 1910, the damming of the Charles River turned the Fens into a freshwater marsh. Over time, noted landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff added new features such as ball fields and the Kelleher Rose Garden employing the more formal landscape style popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

Within the Fens, The Shattuck Visitor Center, originally designed by H. H. Richardson as a pump station to control water flow in the Back Bay Fens, now serves as the headquarters of the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. You will also find the oldest remaining wartime “Victory Garden” planted by citizens in 1941 during World War II to provide much needed fruits and vegetables. Today it is a well-loved community garden. The World War II, Vietnam and Korean War Memorial, behind the Kelleher Rose Garden, is a favorite picnic site for area residents while the playground at Mother’s Rest attracts children from the neighborhood and beyond.

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Green B, C Lines: Hynes/Mass Ave, Kenmore
Green D Line: Hynes/Mass Ave, Kenmore, Fenway
Green E Line: Museum of Fine Arts, Northeastern University
Orange Line: Ruggles

MBTA Buses
39 – Northeastern University and Museum of Fine Arts
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What you’ll find in The Fens

Seasonal Activities

Back Bay Fens Map

Park Features
Basketball Courts
Baseball Fields
Running Track
Clemente Field
James P. Kelleher Rose Garden
Community Gardens
Japanese Temple Bell
Shattuck Visitor Center
World War II / Vietnam / Korean War Memorial
O’Reilly Statue
Mother’s Rest Playground
Walking / biking trails
Open space for picnics
Dogs on leash allowed
Parking at MFA lot and limited street parking

Park Partners
Colleges of the Fenway
Fenway Alliance
Fenway CDC
Fenway Civic Association
Fenway Garden Society
Boston Parks & Recreation Department