Digging the Muddy

Kids and kids-at-heart are enthralled by construction equipment. That is why we’ve paired up with Charter Contracting Company to bring you “Digging the Muddy,” a family activity kit to watch and learn from the Muddy River Restoration Phase 2, currently underway in the Back Bay Fens and at Leverett Pond. Check out our map of safe viewing locations to spot unique equipment like the amphibious “Marsh Buggy” at work this fall and winter. We even equip you with FAQs to answer as many “whys” as possible.

In partnership with Boston, Brookline and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the US Army Corps of Engineers is leading the second phase of a multi-year project to restore and improve the flood capacity of the Muddy River, while planting new trees and shrubs to strengthen the Muddy’s banks. We are excited to have Charter Contracting Company as a partner on this work.

Take a stroll through the Necklace and explore the contours of the Muddy River while learning more about this important work. When you get home, continue getting to know the construction equipment with our special coloring pages!

Activity Kit

Download or print a PDF of the Muddy River Phase 2 Overview, Safe Viewing Locations and FAQ’s. 

Download or print a PDF of construction equipment coloring pages.