Getting to Party in the Park

***Registration for the event parking lot is now closed. Please consider alternative ways to get to PIP outlined below.***


Rideshare or car service is the recommended and easiest way to get to Party in the Park. Vehicles can drive into the park and drop guests off in front of the Party in the Park tent.

There will be NO GUEST PARKING AT THE PIP LOCATION. For rideshare and car service only, please use this Google Maps Pin to get to Party in the Park, or the best address to use is 350 Jamaicaway, Boston, MA 02130, this address is for the Conservancy’s offices, the PIP location is directly across the street in the park, you won’t be able to miss the tent! Have the car pull directly into the park access road where parking attendants will be stationed.


There will be no guest parking at the Party in the Park location.

  • Self-park in Jamaica Plain near Party in the Park – There are several streets nearby in Jamaica Plain with free/non-resident parking. The Spot Angels website is a great resource to search nearby streets for availability. Please note: street cleaning has started in the City of Boston. Please observe all street signs when self-parking your vehicle. The Conservancy and Party in the Park are not responsible for any towed vehicles.


If you live nearby, please consider walking to Party in the Park! The Emerald Necklace is a connecting series of parks and the perfect corridor to safely and easily find your way to the Luncheon. Please contact Jamie Santuccio for suggested walking routes through Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace. There are many historic treasures you might find on the way!


Closest T Stops

Bus Stops

    • South Huntington @ Moraine Street – 39 Bus Line, a 10-minute walk from the bus stop down Moraine Street to Pinebank.
    • High Street @ Cypress Street – 60 Bus Line, walk 10-minutes on Chestnut Street towards Jamaica Pond, walk up the stairs at the corner of Chestnut Street and Perkins to the event location.

Please use the form below to reserve your parking space in the satellite parking lot for Party in the Park. Please note: there is a maximum of (1) parking space per registrant. Please consider carpooling to allow for the maximum number of guests who can utilize the parking lot. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

GPS Location: Please use this Google Maps Pin to get to Party in the Park.

Party in the Park will be at Pinebank Baseball Field in Jamaica Plain. The access road into the park is off of the Jamaicaway directly across the street from the Conservancy’s offices at 350 Jamaicaway, Boston, MA 02130. You will see the tent from the Jamaicway on the field and banners at the entrance to the park.

Please be sure to check with your guests about their transportation options. Please contact Jamie Santuccio at or 617.522.2700, with any questions.

Congrats to the winners of our U.S. Open raffle!

Please give a golf clap to Juliette J. attending the championship round on June 16, and to Tim R. who will see the practice round on June 15!

Thanks again to The Country Club for making this raffle possible.