Raffle Tickets & Umbrella Presale


Pre-purchase your Hermés Birkin raffle tickets or 15th Anniversary Umbrellas today. The raffle drawing will be at the Lunch on May 31. Your raffle ticket or umbrella purchase automatically registers you for mobile check-in and bidding at the event. When you arrive at the Lunch pre-purchased raffle tickets will be available for pick up at the Raffle table in the reception tent. You can pick up your umbrella order at the Boutique. And, you will receive an email the morning of May 31 with your table number.

Mobile Check-in and Bidding

PreRegister Prior to the Lunch
You can preregister without purchasing raffle tickets by simply providing your email, cell phone and credit card information. Once registered, you will receive your table number prior to the event, enjoy express check-in and check-out the day of the Lunch and use your smartphone to bid during “Paddles Up” at the Lunch.

Check-in Day of the Lunch

1) At registration, you will check-in and be given your table number.
2) You will either confirm or provide your cell phone number.
3) You will receive a text message with a link for mobile bidding.
4) You can have your credit card preloaded to make the donation process even easier.

Mobile Bidding for “Paddles Up”

You will receive a text message during the appeal with a link to commit your bid.

PIP mobile screens

Step 1: Click the link texted to your phone.
Step 2: Review the levels and scroll down to select the amount you wish to donate
Step 3: Confirm the donation amount by clicking the green OK button, then close once processed successfully.

Donation Levels

Drinking Fountain $25,000
15th Anniversary Community Service Day $15,000
Heritage Tree Care (32+”) $10,000
Mature Tree Care (15”–32”) $5,000
Woodlands Invasives Removal $2,500
Deep Root Fertilization $1,000
Pruning $500
Watering $250
Other your amount

Thank you in advance for your generous support of the Emerald Necklace parks.
Contact Jamie Santuccio at jsantuccio@emeraldnecklace.org or 617-522-2700.

Making a Donation this year

All our fundraising energies this year are focused on raising funds for the Olmsted Tree Society to restore and maintain trees in the Emerald Necklace. There will be a lively fundraising effort during the Luncheon.

Table Captains & Committee Members
Please let each person at your table know in advance of the Lunch that they can register their credit card at check-in and will receive a message on their smartphone.

Ways to Donate
1) Your own smartphone for mobile bidding
2) Donation form on inside of your place card
3) Give your donation or pledge to volunteers
4) Visit the check-out desk in the reception tent

Don’t want to use your phone?
Volunteers with iPads can place your donation
Have questions about making a donation?
Contact Jamie Santuccio, 617-522-2700