Mobile Check-in and Bidding

emerald necklace mobile bidding

Bring your smartphone to lunch.
We will be using mobile check-in and bidding this year and both are possible from your smartphone. You will be able to preregister for the Lunch. You will receive your table number, enjoy express check-in and check-out the day of the Lunch and use your phone to bid on “support the trees” during the Lunch.

PreRegister Prior to the Lunch
The Details eblast, which you will receive at the beginning of May, will have information on how set up your profile and credit card information prior to the Lunch to expedite your check-in.

Check-in Day of the Lunch
1) At registration, you will check-in and be given your table number.
2) You will either confirm or provide your cell phone number.
3) You will receive a text message with a link to be shown how to use mobile bidding.
4) You can have your credit card preloaded to make the donation process even easier.

Ways to Make a Donation This Year
1) Use your smartphone for mobile bidding.
2) Give a donation or pledge to any volunteer circulating the room with an iPad.
3) Fill-in donation form inserted in your program and give to any volunteer.
4) Visit the check-out desk in the reception tent.

Don’t want to use your phone?
No problem, volunteers with iPads will be available for you to check-in and place your bids.

Making a Donation this year

All our fundraising energies this year are focused on raising funds for the Olmsted Tree Society to restore and maintain trees in the Emerald Necklace. There will be a lively fundraising effort during the Luncheon.

Table Captains & Committee Members
Please let each person at your table know in advance of the Lunch that they can register their credit card at check-in and will receive a message on their smartphone.

Ways to Donate
1) Your own smartphone for mobile bidding
2) Donation form/paddle inserted in your program
3) Give your donation or pledge to volunteers
4) Visit the check-out desk in the reception tent

Don’t want to use your phone?
Volunteers with iPads can place your donation
Have questions about making a donation?
Contact Emma Rose Kiefer, 617-522-2700