About Fog x FLO: Frequently Asked Questions

What is this fog art?
Fujiko Nakaya’s fog art is made of potable water vapor emitted at ambient temperatures. It is just like natural fog but mechanically produced through nozzles that are fed by motorized pumps. The nozzles are sited to respond to landscape features, to historical climate data, and to changes in daylight and weather over the course of a day, and season. Nakaya describes her sculptures as a “conversation with nature,” in which “atmosphere is the mold, and wind carves the sculptures in real time.”

NOTE: Just like natural fog, the moisture of Nakaya’s art may impact instruments and equipment. Please plan accordingly.

Has Fujiko Nakaya done this before? What is specific to the Emerald Necklace?
Nakaya has created fog sculptures and performances over 80 times around the world, on four continents and 16 cities, but never in Boston. In fact, the 12-week exhibition Fog x FLO will be the most extensive multisite presentation in her five-decade career. Each piece by Nakaya is unique, in that it is a living record of dynamic weather of a specific location. As such, her titles include the nearest weather station number; for the Emerald Necklace, this is Boston’s station #72509. Here, her fog responds to the signature park features framed through Olmsted’s legacy: curving paths, pond islands, beach coves, hillside trees, and architectural ruins.

When is this fog art activated?
Nakaya’s fog sculptures will each run daily between dawn and dusk from August 11 through October 31. They will likely run hourly, with exact run times will be confirmed when tested on-site in early August. Run times will likely 8 to 12 minutes per hour.

Where will the fog art be located?
The works will be at the following five sites (MAP).

  • Fog x Canopy (#72509_Fens)
    In the canopy of a curved tree-lined path along the edge of Clemente Field on the Fens, in close proximity to the Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Emerald Necklace Conservancy’s Shattuck Visitor Center, this site is accessible on a graded concrete path from Park Drive. | Site Plan | Site Visualization
  • Fog x Island (#72509_Leverett Pond)
    On an small island of Leverett Pond at the edge of Allerton Overlook in Olmsted Park, this work is viewable on the water and accessible from an asphalt path to a nearby parking area on Pond Drive, Brookline. | Site Plan | Site Visualization
  • Fog x Beach (#72509_Jamaica Pond)
    Next to the kettle pond, a cloud pond will sit in a small glacial cove near the beach on the southern side of Jamaica Pond viewable from the asphalt path around the pond, and accessible from the Elliot Street crossing on Pond Street, Jamaica Plain. | Site Plan | Site Visualization
  • Fog x Hill (#72509_Arnold Arboretum)
    Down Hunnewell Hillside, a “fogfall” will roll under the trees to a nearby lawn next to the Hunnewell Building in the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University; viewable from the lower lawn and upper woodchip trail and accessible from the main gate on the Arborway, Boston. | Site Plan | Site Visualization
  • Fog x Ruins (#72509_Franklin Park Overlook)
    An elevated “cloud dome” amid the Roxbury puddingstone ruins of the Overlook Shelter, echoing the lost roof of one of the few buildings Olmsted had a hand in designing. Accessible from asphalt paths along Pier Point Road, Boston. | Site Plan | Site Visualization

How close can we get to the fog?
Proximity varies: access for many abilities is available along the path of Fog x Canopy in the Fens. Viewing from a short distance is possible with Fog x Island on Leverett Pond and Fog x Hill in the Arboretum. Those able to carefully walk uneven terrain may walk within Fog x Beach and Fog x Ruins.

What’s encouraged and allowed for performances and programs?
Presentations in The Fens, Jamaica Pond, and Franklin Park are under the jurisdiction of Boston Parks and Recreation Department. Presentations at Allerton Overlook are under the jurisdiction of the Town of Brookline Parks and Open Spaces Division. Presentations at the Arnold Arboretum are at the discretion of Arboretum staff. All partners are eager to welcome performances that are inspired, accessible, feasible, and safe.

We encourage projects of DEEP impact and LIGHT footprint: self-powered projects at acoustic volumes that can be achieved between dawn and dusk with carry-in-carry-out items (instruments, equipment, folding furniture, props).

  • “Self-powered” projects include: those that do not require connection to a power source in the historic parks. This reduces the need for additional permits or permissions reviews.
  • “Acoustic volumes” include: sound made by voice or un-amplified instruments, or recordings on portable, battery-powered wearable speakers at low decibel levels.
  • “Carry-in-carry-out items” include: portable instruments, equipment, folding seating, costumes, props and the like that may be brought and removed in a single day without the need to unlock additional gates or disrupt path access.

Performers and programming artists may assemble audiences in areas and at quantities that keep access paths clear for park users.

If you have any questions, please contact events@emeraldnecklace.org.

What’s NOT allowed?
Anything that may impair safety or access or cause nuisance, such as

  • Alcohol
  • Amplifiers
  • Fire or fireworks
  • Generators
  • Handouts that may litter the park watersheds and greens
  • Structures that require construction, like stages
  • Timing before dawn or after dusk

If you have any questions, please contact events@emeraldnecklace.org

How is grant funding allocated and distributed?
To determine grant awards, the Conservancy will assemble reviewers who are invested in performance and arts programming for broad publics, and show a demonstrated commitment to engaging communities along the Emerald Necklace. The Conservancy’s goal is to assemble an inclusive, accessible, and equitable program that affirms the parks as a community connecter for a range of art forms, neighborhood geographies, traditions, ethnicities, and abilities.

Micro-grants (from $500 to $2000) will be awarded for deserving projects of varied scale and complexity by presenters of ranging numbers and experience. Grants will be awarded by these criteria:

  • Inspiring Concept: Bold vision and original interpretations of themes in Nakaya’s art and Olmsted’s parks: “immersion, inclusion, expansion, animation, evolution, co-existence, chance, serendipity, passage, coherence, dispersal, generosity, and learning from nature.”
  • Promising Impact: Commitment to offer new engagements with the parks and expand experiences for Boston artists and audiences through feasible, achievable planning.
  • Demonstrated Need: Clear explanation of how funds for budgeted project elements will help realize an experience that could not be offered otherwise.

Notification of Grant Approval:
Approvals will be made by September 12, 2018 to complete agreement paperwork to receive funding.

Agreement will include commitment to perform on determined dates/times; terms of payment; indemnity of liability; and permission for the Conservancy to take and use images/recordings of the public projects for non-commercial purposes (educational, promotional use only).

Terms of Grant Payment:
Grant payments will be made soon following the performance [pending the timing in relation to a bi-weekly payment cycle.] If a performance is cancelled by the presenter, no payment will be made. If a performance is cancelled due to weather, half payment will be made for preparations and expenses. An option for an alternate date will be discussed to complete the performance by October 31 to received full payment.

If you have any questions, please contact events@emeraldnecklace.org

What programming support will the Conservancy provide?
For approved performances, the Conservancy will:

  • Site scheduling coordination, any necessary park permissions, and grant payment facilitation.
  • Posting and promotion at the Conservancy Visitor Center, website, on the Fog x FLO web app, and on social media channels.
  • On-site signage and volunteer documentation the day of the event.

Does the Conservancy provide equipment?
The Conservancy only commits to providing carry-in-carry-out signage for an event. The Conservancy may be able to make recommendations for resources from partner organizations that can advise on acoustic level wearable speakers or related equipment.

Presenters assume full responsibility for their actions, their property, and their safety in the parks.

The performer/artist agrees to hold the following (and their employees) harmless from any claims of liability, costs, and expenses caused by their performances, such as personal injury or property damage, unless said injury or damage is caused by to sole negligence of the following:

  • The City of Boston and Boston Parks and Recreation Department
  • The Town of Brookline and Parks and Open Spaces Division
  • The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
  • The MA Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • The Emerald Necklace Conservancy

The most up-to-date information will be posted at emeraldnecklace.org/20th/fogevents. Please check the webpage for any updates prior to submission.

The presentation of performances and programs in conjunction with Fog x FLO is made possible with generous support from Barbara and Amos Hostetter and Eugene M. Lang Foundation.

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