The Canopy Classroom

Emerald Necklace Outdoor Education

The Conservancy has developed a place-based, environmental education program – consistent with Boston Public School science curriculum standards as well as the state standards – to connect Boston youth to the relevance and importance of science in the real world and their daily lives and guiding them to become more environmentally conscious.

The Canopy Classroom Outdoor Education Program is executed through interactive and fun environmental education/nature connection field trips that are facilitated at Emerald Necklace Parks. At this time, we offer fall and spring environmental education/nature connection field trips for 2nd grade classes. In the spring of 2017, we will begin facilitating field trips for 3rd grade classes as well.

Current field trip topic areas:
Signs of Fall

Coming Spring of 2017!

To schedule a field trip, please contact Director of Education Kent Jackson at or 617-522-2700. Please note, space is limited.

The Canopy Classroom

For more information or to schedule a field trip: Contact Kent Jackson, Director of Education, at or 617-522-2700